Why Elite educators?


We are highly qualified.

Selina Boquet is California State Credentialed as a bilingual educator with over 13 years of experience teaching Spanish and English. Selina has worked with all ages and levels of language learners. She is well versed in research-based language acquisition teaching methods and uses refined practices to bring cutting edge academics into our exclusive language classes.


We teach real Spanish.

This is not your normal Spanish class. This is real-world Spanish. Most language classes teach you Spanish that makes you sound like a stupid gringo. The language they teach is outdated and rarely used. Elite Educators teaches the Spanish that is spoken today. Modern culture and slang are at the essence of communication! Together with fun and engaging games, conversation and activities, Elite Educators create a unique learning experience!


We truly care. 

A friendly, comfortable and safe learning environment is key to optimizing student success. Our classes always maintain a welcoming, communicative, and supportive learning experience. We strive to ensure that each student feels welcomed, valued, able, and supported.


We understand you.

Not everyone is the same. Elite Educators knows this and takes the time to know your own personal learning needs. Every lesson is especially tailored to the unique learning style of each individual. We are equipped with extensive training in how to differentiate material that best accommodates you and helps you succeed in reaching your goals.